Insurance & Benefit Solutions Designed for Businesses Like Yours

Specialized Disability Insurance Process

Medical and professional firms have a lot to lose if a key professional can no longer practice. Our specialized process coordinates individually owned policies with those provided through the practice.

Competitive Life Insurance Design

Safeguard your business with life insurance designed to protect your business in the event of a key individual’s death. We’ll help you select the right structure for your situation while keeping simplicity and tax outcome in mind.

Malpractice / E&O / D&O Insurance

Protecting key stakeholders from litigation is critical for a thriving practice. Our Vestia VueTM seeks to ensure that risks have been properly identified and managed through a cost-conscious process.

Property & Liability Insurance for Your Business

Every business needs insurance. We assist you with the coverage you need to take care of the critical risks of your business: cyber, liability, property, bonding, etc.

Your Advisor is Focused on Your Business, Not a Commission Check
Did you know that advisors are commonly paid commissions of greater than 100 percent of your first year premium when they sell you certain insurance products?

At Vestia Benefit Solutions, we believe your advisor should be free to offer great solutions without thinking about the size of their commission check. That’s why our advisors receive salaries plus profit sharing, not direct commissions.

Our approach is simple: We want you to feel good about your benefits and insurance, and we want you to be fully confident that our guidance is always in your best interest.

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